vintage wedding lingerie

OK, first thing vintage wedding lingerie to mention is that this brand new collection is designed and manufactured in the UK, that got us interested and then when we saw the pics and noticed a bit of a vintage look we got even more excited.

Designed by the founder Lucie Brassignton and her co-designer Victoria Brassington, the blurb tells us that they “share a vision to recreate chic vintage style and glamour in fashion and beauty.” and this comes out in the designs which look retro but also retain a modern look.

Here’s a run down of the styles within this debut collection.

Truly Miss Photogenic arrives as a luxurious and elegant style created from black satin and 100% gold silk and  the cups are lined with gold silk and finished off with Swarovski crystals. This range arrives as a full length negligee, nightgown, plunge bra and briefs.

Rubies of the Orient takes its inspiration from Tokyo, Hong Kong and the glamour of the Orient and features lots of silk satin brocade, 100% gold silk, and large red Swarovski crystals. Styles within the range include kimono negligee, Balcony bra and briefs.

Midnight Breeze is a seductive little nightwear range that only has two items in it, a full length negligee and nightgown. This is probably our favourite from the collection, its super luxurious nightwear.

Lace that Enveloped a Rose is a lovely bold range that comes as a Balcony bra, briefs and negligee and includes lots of fuchsia satin and black lace. Definitely a range for the Summer.

Ivory Whispers, Ebony Secrets is very glamorous and would work well packed for a weekend away. It will give you a slight vintage look and the Ivory base contrasts really well with the black lace, especially on the briefs. The range arrives as a Balcony bra, brief, nightgown and negligee.

Wings of Bella Rosa vintage wedding lingerie is inspired by the poise and grace of a glamorous butterfly in flight and you can really see this inspiration in the gorgeous floaty night gown that looks like it has acres of material and gives a wonderful vintage look. The range also arrives as a Balcony Bra, briefs and negligee.


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