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Bella Thorne Strips Down To Her Bra vintage wedding lingerie After Disastrous Cannes Trip With Scott

Bella Thorne proved she’s got no worries where Scott Disick has been concerned in a playful new video she shot in just her underwear!Was the actress trying to get over her awful Cannes trip?

Bella Thorne has just kept on doing her own thingfollowingher disaster vacation in Cannes with the infamous Scott Disick, 33. The 19 year-old jammed out to some tunes before she showed off her black bra with leopard print Moschino bottoms on her Snapchatstory! Bella arrived back in Los Angeles on Sunday, May 28 after her quick trip to the South of France. She reportedly was shocked by Scott’s hard-partying ways.

“At first Scottpainted himself as being interested in a serious relationship as well,rdquo; a source previously told HollywoodLife. Bella has always said she prefers to be in a relationship so maybe she thought Scoot could’ve been a good match? “The next thing she knows, hersquo;s got his arm wrapped around Chloe [Bartoli].Scott denied that anything happened between them but Bella wasnrsquo;t born yesterday,rdquo; the insider explained.

Scott went on a vintage wedding lingerie total spree with the ladies after he was first spotted with Bella. He quickly moved onto his 26 year-old ex Chloe and then another woman and another!Scott has been spotted with SIX girls, including Bella in less than week! Bella could not have been too happy about the way things went down. “Yo this cannes fancy life isnrsquo;t for me,” she tweeted just after the photos of Scott and Chloe first appeared. “Irsquo;m not talking to Scott or anyone else,” she told her followers. Bella reportedly “thought she could handle Scott, but shersquo;s just not as grown up as she likes to think. She wants to forget she ever even met him. Hersquo;s hurt her so much that shersquo;s swearing off dating,” an insider revealed toHollywoodLife.


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